New life for an historic Belfast street

With the Revitalise Our Heritage project up and running, Sandy Row is about to enter an exciting next stage in its history.
The Project was awarded funding through HLF Your Heritage, to kick-start regeneration in this important Belfast city centre community.  
Once one of Belfast’s most vibrant hubs for shopping and city life, Sandy Row has suffered decline in recent years. This project aims - by encouraging residents to become aware of and take pride in the rich culture and history all around them - to get local people involved in bringing new life to their area. An engaged, involved community will provide the foundations for heritage-led regeneration and investment in Sandy Row.


The Revitalise project aims to:
1. Research and create information packs on a range of themes, including 17th century Sandy Row, the Orange Order, Boomtime Victorian Belfast and the Linen Industry. Through talking to local people and delving into community history, the resources will give a flavour of the life and times through the centuries. Oral history is an important element – real words and real lives.  

2. Get local schools and residents on board for two-way sharing of history, culture and traditions. Learning the stories of the community and passing on the fascinating facts we’ve learned through our research. 

3. Create a new walking tour of Sandy Row. Local people will be trained as volunteer guides. 

4. Shape a strategic plan that will provide a framework for future development and follow up on progress.  
Find further information about the Sandy Row 2015 & Revitalise Masterplan at:


Dr Henry Cooke (the statue in Belfast known as The Blackman depicts him) pronounced on 12th July 1864 'Ladies and Gentlemen you see before you what I can only describe as the Pride of Belfast' to this day Sandy Row Lodges are proudly called the Pride of Belfast.